Developed with VC++ the graphics engine is using DirectX 9.0 and will run on cards with pixel-shader support.

Car rendering features:
- Per pixel soft edge shadows that pass over the cars surface with diffuse and specular occlusion.
- Dynamic soft edge shadows cast from cars, and varying intensity (darker closer to the car) to simulate global illumination.
- Fresnel reflection and real-time dynamic environment mapping so surrounding objects and scenery are seen in the cars reflection.
- Metallic paint shading to simulate the reflection from metallic flakes in the paint.
- Hemispherical ambient light.
- Realistic glass shading for the windows.
- Specular bloom post processing effect.
- Motion blurred wheels.

Track rendering:
- Basic prelit scene, diffuse and global illumination..
- Track specular with specular maps.
- Track specular occlusion from shadows.

Car physics:
- The car physics model is rather complex with too many parameters to list here, it provides a very realistic driving experience, months of work on the tyre physics formulas that use dynamic friction curves that change shape at runtime based on various parameters from the tyre state.
- Each car has its own weight distribution, engine torque curves to accurately reflect engine power at various RPM, a gearbox with a configurable number of gears and ratios, a final drive ratio (limited slip differential). For example a higher ratio diff can be used on a car to achieve faster acceleration and quarter mile times with the expense of top speed.
- Engine sounds are created by a custom sound tool that supports combining multiple sound files at various pitches and frequencies that are cross faded at run-time depending on engine load and RPM.

Game features:
- Dynamic skidmarks.
- Smoke, sand and grass particles.
- Support for configurable keyboard, joysticks, wheels, controller dead zones and force feedback.
- Artificial Intelligence for the opponent cars that also run on full physics.
- Lap times, best lap, total race time, car positions.
- A user interface library and editor for rapid development of game screens.
- Quick race and arcade modes.
- Drag racing mode.
- Circuit racing and point to point.
- Replays.

NOTE that not all features are enabled in the demo.

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