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17th June 2017
The team at RevHeadz have released a new app called RevHeadz Motorbike Sounds.
App Store

24th May 2016
RevHeadz Engine Sounds developed by RevHeadz now has support for OBD-II (ELM / OBD2) so you can experience state of the art engine sounds while driving your own car.

19th February 2014
Checkout RevHeadz Engine Sounds. A state of the art engine sound simulation app developed by RevHeadz.
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10th December 2011
Driving Speed Pro is now available on the App Store.
App Store

25th January 2010
Driving Speed Pro is now available for PC.

30th August 2009
Preview of Driving Speed Pro at Adelaide's AVCon 2009.

Driving Speed Pro played at AVCon 2009 from Derek Long on Vimeo.


5th April 2009
After 12 months since release, Driving Speed 2 has had over 1,000,000 downloads from 3 internet sites.
download.com 289,045 downloads
gamershell.com 140,022 downloads
baixaki.com.br 658,823 downloads
Total 1,087,890+ downloads
Driving Speed 2 has also appeared on the following magazine DVD's
Future Publishing France
Computer Bild Spiele Europe
Gamers Pro Brazil
iP! Japan
PC World India
PC World Poland
Cybermycha Poland
Hype! Portugal
Windows Vista Revista Oficial Portugal
BGamer Portugal
Micromanía Spain
Quale Computer Italy
As well as many other magazines in Australia, UK, US and other countries.

20th April 2008
Driving Speed 2 is out, check the projects page.

29th June 2007
Version 1.18 of the Driving Speed tech demo is no longer being hosted, play Driving Speed 2 instead.

20th May 2007
Version 1.18 of the Driving Speed tech demo has been released, get it from the Projects page. Added support for online lap records that can be viewed by clicking here. Beta support for old graphics cards such as Geforce2 & Geforce4 MX.

4th February 2007
Version 1.17 of the Driving Speed tech demo with Beta support for multi-player races is available.

18th March 2006
Released 1.12 tech demo of Driving Speed which contains 1 new car, an Audi R8 Le Mans car. V1.10 and V1.11 demos were only released internally and not made public on this site.

31st December 2005
Released tech demo 1.9 of Driving Speed.

9th November 2005
The Driving Speed tech demo features on the cover disc of the December 2005 issue of PC Gamer magazine. The world's biggest selling PC Games magazine with a base of 300,000 units sold in the US each month.

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